Top 6 Signs Your Dog Lives in an Italian Home

If your dog is a part of an Italian family, they have a GREAT life. Pasta, cheese, and a family that treats them like FAMILY!

Here are the top 6 signs your dog is a part of an Italian family!

1. Their Name

Is your dog named Dolce, Vita, Leo, Rocky, Luna, Bella, Aldo, Bambi, Farro, or any other Italian name?

Photo by Cristian Castillo on Unsplash

2. They eat pasta more than dog food

I mean, Italian dogs know what’s good.

Source: pxherre

3. You have to spike their food with formaggio

Don’t act like you haven’t put parmesan or mozzarella in their dog food!

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

4. They understand your gestures

Your Italian dog senses that you’re angry and confused when you’re doing the pinched hand gesture.

5. They’re immune to the loud, chaotic household

If your dog lives in an Italian household, yelling and loud Italian music are the norm for them. They can sleep right through it.

Photo by Sdf Rahbar on Unsplash

6. Pizzelle are like catnip for them

Dognip is actually made from a spice called anise, which is in pizzelle. Remember that dogs should only have anise in moderation. If your dog is obsessed with pizzelle and begs for them like crazy, it’s a sign they belong to an Italian family!

Photo by Joséphine Menge on Unsplash


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