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Italy Officially Bans McDonald’s Drive-Through at Ancient Roman Baths Site

Let's face it, when people plan to visit Rome, the last thing they're thinking about is McDonalds.

Tourists and residents are generally more concerned with viewing the captivating and historic sites of Rome. Building a McDonald’s right next to these historic sites is viewed by many as disrespectful to Italian culture. 

Italy’s Cultural Ministry has officially stopped the building of a McDonald’s adjacent to the ancient Roman baths of Caracalla, and most are very pleased with this decision. 

McDonald’s intended to build a 250-seat parking lot and restaurant next to the ancient Roman baths and originally, Italy was going to permit this. However, after major outrage from the public, Rome withdrew their decision.

The stunning baths of Caracella are full of history and were constructed between 211-224. They are currently one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome. Historically, they could fit up to 800 people and included gymnasiums, libraries, and hot and cold baths. 

The court ruling to stop the construction of McDonald’s is a part of a more extensive mission to preserve heritage sites. Preservationists are thrilled with this court ruling. Officials intend to continue conserving the cultural identity of sites like the Ancient Roman Baths of Caracella.


Photo by Virginia Choy on Unsplash

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