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Adriana Trigiani’s ‘The House of Love’ Celebrates Italian-Americans

Adriana Trigiani has added a new genre to her repertoire: children’s picture books. Trigiani has yet again written another masterpiece, critically acclaimed while simultaneously touching the hearts of readers of all ages.

Released on December 28th, 2021, The House of Love is written by New York Times Best-selling Author Adriana Trigiani and illustrated by New York Times Best-selling Illustrator Amy June Bates. The story takes place in the Blue Ridge mountains of Appalachia where Mia Valentine Amore and her family live. As Mia wakes up on Valentine’s Day, her and mama create a Valentine’s Day wonderland right in their very own quaint home. As they make valentines for the whole family and Mia isn’t presented with one, Mia frets if mama overlooked her.

Trigiani’s The House of Love highlights the beauty of Italian-Americans; their love of family, their love of tradition, and their love of love. Trigiani drops Italian lessons subtly and successfully through character’s names and their conversations with one another. On the other hand, the illustrations bring you back to a cozy, familiar, and more simpler time. Furthermore, Trigiani’s words spark nostalgia and affection, and take the reader inside the Amore home.

Publishers Weekly’s review states “Trigiani’s sentimental prose is matched by Bates’s nostalgic, rose-hued watercolor, gouache, and pencil illustrations; the pairing makes for a heartfelt and sensitive holiday homage.”

The House of Love is available where all fine books are sold, in stores and online.

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