Bieber’s Merch Designer Gian Piero Creates Italian NFTs

Gian Piero is an artist from Naples, Italy, most noted for being the sole designer for Justin Bieber's merchandise line, Drew House. He has recently created some Italian-themed NFTs!

Working With Bieber

Bieber, Gian Piero, and former stylist Ryan Good are the trio who established Drew House. Before working with Bieber, Gian Piero worked with other prominent brands, including Levi’s, Netflix, and Nike. He also has designed merchandise for Snoop Dogg. 

Astonishingly, Gian Piero created the incredible animated music video for “Yummy” by Justin Bieber in only seven hours! Bieber and Gian Piero got into contact because Gian Piero posted a cartoon of him, Hailey, and their dog wearing Drew House apparel on Instagram. Justin Bieber reposted it, and soon after, he messaged Gian Piero about collaborating. 

According to Billboard, Gian Piero explained that Bieber and Hailey believed in him from the beginning. To reveal his work, he sent the couple over 70 illustrations representing his childhood. 


Gian Piero has created several Italian-themed NFTs as a part of his line called inBetweeners. Gian Piero has 10,777 hand-drawn characters residing on the Ethereum blockchain. Gian Piero explains on his official site that from a young age, he used art to enter a happier reality. He also explains that he creates art to comfort people and help them not feel alone. 

100 randomly selected NFT holders will receive many perks including a signed printed canvas of their NFT, exclusive access to Gian Piero’s debut party in LA, first dibs on merch, and more. Possibly best of all, they will be able to spend an entire day with Gian Piero as they will be flown out to Naples, get a tour, and get a homecooked pasta dinner!

For more information on Gian Piero and NFTs, visit his site!


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