My Reaction to Italy’s TOUGH LOSS to North Macedonia

Italy does not enter the World Cup tournament after a loss to North Macedonia

The most recent Euro Cup Champions, Italy, will miss the World Cup for the second time in a row.

Italy played North Macedonia in a World Cup Qualifier in Palermo on Thursday. They needed a win in this effort to have to opportunity to advance. They fell short in this game, losing 1-0.

Italy outplayed the opponent in just about every category. Including shots on goal, where Italy had 32 and North Macedonia only had 4! It was a dominant performance, but Italy had missed too many chances. 

I vlogged the day, thinking if Italy won, it would be awesome to capture some of our reactions on film. When they lost, we were all pretty bummed and went home. 

What are your thoughts on the match? Did you watch?

Does anyone believe that if you win the Euro, you should just quality automatically? It seems bad for ratings to not let the most recent championship team compete in the tournament. 

Oh well, there is always next time… See you in 4 years!

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