There is a Slim Chance Italy Could Play At The World Cup, According To New Theory

Although the chance is slim, Italy may still play at the World Cup according to an emerging theory.

Whether or not Italy plays in the World Cup depends on Iran’s place in the competition.

On Tuesday, Iran blocked 2000 women from entering the stadium for their World Cup qualifier against Lebanon. In 2019, FIFA warned the nation against doing this.

According to Football-Italia, a member of the Iranian Football Federation Mehrdad Seradschi posted on Twitter he’d heard ‘worrying news from FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation’ concerning the circumstances.

A potential severe punishment could be removing Iran from the World Cup entirely.

This would be an unprecedented event as no team in history has ever been kicked out of the World Cup after qualification.

Dragan Skocic’s side qualified top of AFC Third Round group to book their place in Qatar. FIFA could promote the country with the highest co-efficient in the world rankings in their place, which would be Italy.

Image Credit: Alamy

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