Christian Guardino and Nicolina Bozzo, deliver a dramatic performance of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer” on American Idol

Cantante Forte is an Italian phrase that translates to Strong Singer in English. It was coined by the former America’s Got Talent contestant and Bozzo. Guardino and Bozzo are two of the strongest powerhouse voices on this season of Idol, and this phrase aptly fits them.

“Oh my God, keep your wigs on!” Katy Perry yelled before the two began belting out “The Prayer” lyrics.  Lionel Richie criticized the singers’ duet after their performance, which received a standing ovation from the Idol judges and fellow contestants.  “Crazy! I have to tell you that we’re intrigued by the way you play off of each other when you’re standing on a stand under pressure. Richie stated, “It has all the makings of something so great, but you’re growing, you’re growing.” “This time, we have to figure out who moves forward and who goes back, and what the hell, I don’t know.”

I’ll just make it extremely basic… When there is a duel, someone is going to get shot. It’s who cuts through when you have powerful voices.” “I believe it is self-evident… Richie smiled as he stated, “You both cut throughAs it was confirmed that Guardino and Bozzo would advance to the next round, they exchanged an embrace and happy tears. 

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