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Did You Know Sofia Coppola, Nicolas Cage, and Jason Schwartzman Were Related?

Here are some celebrities you've probably seen on the screen but may not have known were relatives!

Many fans are astonished to discover that Jason Schwartzman, Nicolas Cage, and Sofia Coppola are all FIRST COUSINS! Guess talent does run in the family!

While many celebrities are well-known to be related, these three managed to keep their family ties from drawing too much attention in Hollywood and the film industry.

Coppola is the daughter of the prominent film director, producer, and screenwriter Francis Ford, most noted for directing “The Godfather”. Nicolas Cage is the son of Francis’s older brother, August Ford. Thus, Nicolas Cage’s last name is actually Coppola.

Schwartzman is the son of Francis and August’s younger sister, Talia Shire!


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