Top 5 Things Italian Grandfathers Do for Their Gardens 

If you come from an Italian family, you likely have a Nonno who LOVES his garden!

One unforgettable memory of my Nonno was how much he loved his garden. If we didn’t see him inside, we knew he was behind the garage gardening. He would spend many summer days working hard to ensure everything grew correctly. When it was time to harvest the fresh vegetables, his face would light up, and he would lay all of the produce out on the counter. He was always very proud of it. I remember him calling me to ask me to take a picture of him with his tomatoes. My Nonno would show my Noni, and she would always be so excited and think about all the dishes she would make with the zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, and cucumbers.

Here are five things Italian grandfathers do for their gardens.

1. Water them constantly

2. Use every inch of space to grow something

3. Tell every person who comes over, “Come look at my giardino!”

4. Protect it from rabbits and other animals

5. Take MANY photos with their fresh pomodori!

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