Here’s Why Italians Don’t Refrigerate Eggs

Did you know in Europe they don't refrigerate eggs? Here's why!

In America, when people buy eggs, they immediately put them in the refrigerator as eggs that aren’t refrigerated could cause salmonella. However, in Europe, it’s considered a health risk if eggs are refrigerated.

This difference in storing eggs stems from the way they are processed.

Why Eggs are Refrigerated in America

In America, egg farmers strip the cuticle of the eggs, which is the outer protective layer, and this prevents them from being contaminated outside the shell.

Since the eggs in America do not have cuticles, they must be refrigerated to prevent bacterial infections from within the egg.

Why Eggs are Not Refrigerated in America

In Europe, it is considered illegal to wash eggs. Instead, the chickens in Europe are vaccinated against salmonella. When the eggs still have cuticles, refrigerating them could cause contamination and mildew growth.

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