8 Unique Wild Animals in Italy

From the Calabrian black squirrel to the golden jackal, Italy has many beautiful and interesting animals! Here are the top 8 unique wild animals in Italy!

1. Marsican brown bear

The Marsican brown bear can be found in the alps of Italy including in the Abruzzo-Lazio-Molise National Park. It is an endangered species, and there are only approximately 45 left in Italy.

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2. Eurasian lynx

The Eurasian lynx is a captivating wildcat with dark ears, grey to reddish fur, and black spots. They prey on rabbits, hares, rabbits, rodents, foxes, roe deer, and reindeer. Eurasian lynx can be found in northern Italian mountains.

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3. Alpine Ibex

Alpine Ibexes are large with grey/brown fur and horns. They are located in northern Italy, and many can be found near Gran Paradiso National Park.

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4. European bee-eater

European bee-eaters are multicolored birds that can be found in southern Europe. Their vibrant yellow, green, and blue hues make them very distinctive. But a more remarkable fact is that they can eat about 250 bees in one day! Before they consume the bees, they remove the stingers by hitting them against hard surfaces.

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5. European Badger

The European Badger can be found in many locations in Europe and West Asia. These white brown and black animals sleep during the day and burrow at night.

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6. Calabrian black squirrel

Interestingly, Calabrian black squirrels can only be found in Italy. They are larger than the average squirrel weighing  10–18.5 oz or on average about 35% more.

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7. Golden jackal

The golden jackal looks similar to a wolf but is smaller. They are a part of the canid family, are omnivores, and live in valleys close to rivers and lakes.

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8. Monk parakeet

Interestingly, the monk parakeet is the only one that builds a stick nest. They usually breed in colonies and are prey to ducks and falcons, which generally eat their eggs.


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