If You Add Oil to Pasta Water, You’re Doing It Wrong

It is a common misconception that it is advantageous and necessary to add olive oil to pasta water. We are here to debunk this myth!

Adding oil to pasta water does nothing but waste oil. Contrary to common belief, putting oil in pasta water does not stop the pasta from sticking together.

Adding oil is actually counterproductive. The oil makes the pasta slippery, making it more difficult for your glorious homemade sugo to stick to it.

Try This Instead

  • Wait for the water to boil before you add the pasta. This will allow the pasta to move in the pot rather than sticking to the bottom.
  • Add a good amount of salt to the pasta water when it comes to a boil. A key is to make the water as salty as the ocean. The pasta will absorb the salt when it cooks, giving it a great flavor.
  • Save some starchy pasta water to add to your sauce. The starchy pasta water will help thicken your sauce.

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