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4 Ways to Dress Like a True Italian This Fall

Italians have exceptional taste in fashion. Learn how to up your clothing game with these Italian fashion tips!

Italy holds one of the most well-known fashion capitals of the world, Milan. Housing over 3.1 million extremely well-dressed residents, Milan’s fashion week predicts the hottest trends for each year. Whether Italians are walking their dog or walking the runway, they simply know how to dress. Follow these tips to mirror Italian fashion this fall.

1. Keep It Neutral

Though we all know Italians like to talk loudly, their clothing style is much more muted. Neutral colors look fantastic on the olive skin tones of Italians. Colors such as brown, black, beige, and white are easy to pair with a multitude of different outfits. Try blending a pop of color with something neutral, such as a forest green sweater and beige slacks.

2. Back in Business

The most sophisticated way to dress is easily a power suit. However, this is not the most practical for everyday wear. Instead, try pairing a blazer with a pair of jeans and chunky sneakers or a form fitting top with oversized trousers. This is becoming more common on the streets of Italy, with many residents mimicking what they see in Milan fashion shows. Italian labels are encouraging the emphasis of showcasing one’s silhouette while incorporating a chic, modern twist on business professional. 

3. Purchase Some Boots

This wardrobe piece is something almost all of us have, so what makes Italians wearing it so chic? Italians swap out their heels for boots every fall. Europeans have a tendency to create their own twist on anything the rest of the world considers a staple. Italians like to wear their boots over their pants rather than hide them in order to showcase the beautiful shiny leather. 

4. Always Accessorize

Hats, scarves, and especially sunglasses are essential to Italian fashion. By layering your outfits with warm accessories, you have the option to switch up your outfit throughout the day if there are any changes in weather. Italians love sunglasses because they add an edgy addition to any outfit and make any outfit more cohesive.

Understanding "Bella Figura"

Bella figura literally means “beautiful figure.” The concept of bella figura originates from the calendar, not necessarily the weather. Italians know that making a good impression is key. The second fall hits on the calendar, Italians decide it time to put away the sundresses and flip flops, even if its still hot outside! The easiest way to live bella figura like a true Italian involves layering your outfits. If its still hot in your region, its okay to take off that extra cardigan and tie it on your waist. Layering can even help create more versatile outfits that are practical for everyday wear. 

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