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5 Ways St. Francis Impacted Italians

St. Francis of Assisi is known for his love of nature and animals. Find out how Italians are just like him!

St. Francis is an extremely important figure in Catholic history. His feast day is October 4th of each year. He is best known for his impact on impoverished communities as well as his respect for both nature and animals. Italians have adopted plenty of traits similar to St. Francis over the years. Read on to discover how Italians are just like him!

1. St. Francis Loved to Help Those in Need

St. Francis’s primary message was donating his time and energy to those who are less fortunate. He wanted to show the world that it was living disproportionately and those in need could be helped through God’s will. He even put himself in the shoes of those who were less fortunate and chose to live among them. All Italians know that food is the way to the heart. Our families strive to provide meals for those in need, whether it be in our own family or for our neighbors down the street. Italian families also encourage us to donate things that we no longer use to make sure we all have clothes on our backs.

2. He Had an Immense Appreciation for Animals

Before Francis was a proponent of cute and cuddly animals, he was a rough and tough soldier who attempted to mitigate the division of Christians and Muslims. After devoting his life to God, Francis spent a significant amount of time appreciating the creation of Earth and did this by respecting God’s creation. He even preached to the animals to bless them! Today, many Catholic churches allow visitors to get their pets blessed to honor St. Francis. Italian families with pets KNOW they are treated with just as much importance as everyone else. 

3. He Greatly Admired Nature

Similar to his appreciation for animals, St. Francis appreciated God’s gift of nature. He felt that the most important way to demonstrate this respect included recognizing that every small thing, even the leaves of a tree, was meticulously created and has a purpose on Earth. The relationship of humans and nature is something many ecologists strive to achieve, just as St. Francis did. 

4. He Was Frugal

St. Francis’ respect for those in need was especially taken into consideration when he tried to reach those with a significant amount of money. By preaching to the wealthy and high-esteemed, Francis sought justice for the needy. Any portion of income made by Francis was ultimately donated to those poor individuals in order to live out his version of God’s plan. We all know Nonna loves to save money for her kids, and is often donating to organizations in need.

5. He Would Speak His Mind

Though he was not licensed to do so, St. Francis would speak to townspeople to preach the word of God. Some people were unhappy with this, while other supported him wholeheartedly. We all know that Italians say anything and everything that is on their mind!


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