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How to Make an AMAZING Italian Affettati Board

Do you know the difference between the French charcuterie board and Italian affettati board? Learn how to make a delicious Italian spread!

Don’t get it twisted! Italians have their own version of the French Charcuterie boards. Many refer to Italian boards as “salumi boards,” which means “cured meats.” The true name of the board, however is actually known as affettati. 

Types of Salumi

There is a multitude of different cured meats to add to your board. The most popular include prosciutto, mortadella, and salami. It is best to add a multitude of different meats to your board in order to ensure variation of texture and flavor.

What Else to Include

While each board is open to your own interpretation, if you want to add an additional Italian flair, follow these tips. Bread with a crunch is essential, however, it is common to not use butters and spreads. Italians do this in order to fully take in the flavor of the meat. You can also add fruit and figs to your board. Some larger boards will include cheeses and delicious hot giardiniera.

Make It Your Own

There are no true rules to an Italian affectation board. Feel free to add any different snacks to your board. If you want to ensure authenticity, buy Italian made products from your local Italian grocer. Something that is always necessary, however, is to pair the board with your favorite wine!

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