Delicious and Simple Linguine and Clams Recipe

Linguine and Clams or Spaghetti alle vongole is a dish that is popular in various regions of Italy including Liguria because of its proximity to the sea! This traditional dish incorporates delicious flavors of garlic, olive oil, and clams. It is a recipe that will not disappoint you! Americans often finish the dish off with cheese but Italians do not because they believe the cheese overpowers the fresh fish flavor. Let Laura Vitale teach you how to make an amazing meal with only a few ingredients!

3 Quick & Easy Italian Dinner Recipes

Now that Monday has rolled around I bet you're wondering what dinner is going to look like this week. Sometimes deciding what you want to eat for dinner is more stressfu; than physically cooking the meal. And who wants to spend hours in the kitchen after your commute home from work or school? Here are some recipes that are easy to make, contain very few ingredients and are perfect to make in bulk.

How To Make Baked Gnocchi Caprese

Gnocchi is considered to be one of the most ancient Italian dishes. This dish dates all the way back to the 1500's and is associated with carnival. Gnocchi became a staple dish for Italians, especially those who could not afford meat. Many previous peasant dishes including gnocchi, are now a part of gourmet meals. Each region of Italy is associated with a different type of gnocchi, and each is uniquely delectable. These light, airy potato dumplings are hearty and delicious. Enjoy this great video of Laura Vitale teaching us how to make Baked Gnocchi Caprese!

Riso al Pomodoro Recipe – Rossella’s Cooking with Nonna

Riso al Pomodoro, or rice with tomato sauce, is a classic Italian dish.  It is both quick and easy and only takes around twenty minutes to make. Therefore, it the perfect meal for after a long day! When cooked, the arborio risotto possesses a deliciously creamy texture.  The Parmigiano Reggiano added at the end is the perfect touch! Enjoy this amazing video below of Rossella Rago from Cooking with Nonna teaching us how to make Riso al Pomodoro!