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5 Ways to Celebrate an Italian Halloween

Italians are not typically known for celebrating Halloween, however, they are beginning to adopt more traditions as the years go on. Learn how to incorporate newfound Italian Halloween traditions!

1. Learn About the First Celebration of Halloween in Italy

The first documented celebration of Halloween began in a Tuscan town called Borgo a Mozzano. Halloween fans can enjoy spooky games and thrills. In the area, there are also lots of concerts and events in the city that cater to thrill-seeking patrons. 

2. Make Sure to "Dolcetto o Scherzetto" With the Kids!

In Italy, Halloween is not as widely celebrated as it is in North America. As more children have discovered the joy of trick-or-treating, it has caught on and become more popular over the years. Most do not go door-to-door for trick or treating, however, businesses are getting in the spirit for the kids. Dolcetto o scherzetto means trick-or-treat in Italian. 

3. Prepare for All Saints Day

Following October 31st, Italians go all in on November 1st. All Saints Day is a religious holiday in which citizens spend time celebrating dead saints in the Catholic Church. It is a celebration of life encompassing a grand feast and time spent with family. It is known as Ognissanti in Italian. Most Italians ignore Halloween because they focus on Ognissanti, then All Souls Day which follows on November 2nd, remembering their relatives. 

4. Dress in Traditional Costumes

Italians are not known for dressing in silly costumes or anything provocative. They are more interested in “traditional” costumes such as vampires, zombies, and anything on the spooky side as to pay homage to traditional American Halloween. 

5. Eat Foods With Pumpkin, Chesnuts, and Tartufo

The transition to autumnal foods is already popular in Italy, however, around Halloween is the time to take extra advantage of these delectable fall flavors. Bake a new recipe or create some delicious tartufo ice cream!

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