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Barilla Sued for Lacking Italian Authenticity

Barilla, the popular pasta company, is under fire after a lawsuit finds that it is not authentically Italian.

Is Barilla truly Italy’s “number one” brand of pasta? This new lawsuit says otherwise. Misleading marketing claims about the pasta being branded in Italy have found that the product has actually been manufactured in the state of Iowa and New York. Oy vey!

The Class Action Lawsuit

Plaintiffs Matthew Sinatro and Jessica Prost brought the lawsuit into fruition after noticing that Barilla products are not completely using Italian wheat. Why is “Italy’s No. 1 pasta” made in the U.S.? Barilla products are actually made in Iowa and New York and their headquarters is in Illinois. 

Why So Expensive?

Many consumers are willing to pay more for a product if it is authentically imported from another country. This is what happened to plaintiffs Matthew Sinatro and Jessica Prost. The blue-boxed Barilla products claims mislead the buyers into thinking it was imported. Barilla claims it is cheaper to manufacture and produce the pasta product in America, however, this does not excuse their misleading claims about Italian authenticity.

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