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The History of All Saints Day

All Saints Day is celebrated on November 1st of each year. Learn the history of the holiday and how to celebrate it!

On November 1st of each year, Western Christians celebrate the successes of saints who are believed to have achieved heaven. Saints both known and unknown are celebrated on this day. 

Connectedness as Christians

All Saints Day reminds Christians that their relationship with God is connected to those who have reached heaven. The saints they celebrate exemplify those who lived a lifestyle for God and completely trusted in Him, which is something many people try to mimic. Anyone who is a saint is defined as one who fully lived their life for God and offered their life to Him. 

The Origin

The first recorded All Saints Day occurred in May of 609. The holiday was changed to November 1st when Pope Boniface IV committed a chapel in the Vatican to honor in the each and every saint. Other religious leaders then understood this significance and sought to promote the celebration of sainthood. 

How Does One Celebrate?

Traditionally, All Saints Day is commemorated by attending Mass. Those who wish to celebrate also partake in educating themselves about saints and understanding the connectedness to their saint they received upon Confirmation. 

WATCH-The Meaning and Purpose of All Saints Day

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