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All Souls Day-What Is It and How to Celebrate

All Souls Day occurs each year on November 2nd. It is a holiday that commemorates our passed relatives by celebrating their lives

All Souls Day is another religious holiday celebrated by many Italians. November 2nd of each year serves a way for many in Western Christianity to honor the dead. Commemoration of the dead is the primary way in which one can celebrate each year. 

1. Visit Their Grave

Spending time with your deceased love one can occur when we visit their gravesite. If you go with your family, take the time to reminisce your favorite moments of them. Be sure to clean their gravesite and add some fresh flowers in remembrance. 

2. Take Them Their Favorites Things

Family is everything for Italians. One way we can honor the life of loved ones who have passed is by taking items that they cherished to their grave. Items can include food, photographs, flowers, trinkets, or anything that reminds you of them. 

3. Praying With Your Family

It is important to spend time with God as well as your families on this day. By praying with your family, you can shed light on a day of remembrance for your loved ones. The significance of praying involves praying for the members of those believed to have achieved purgatory. 

4. Light Candles

Candles honor those who have passed away. They also serve as a symbol of reflection that can be used in combination with prayer. Candles are also known to be a representation for sacredness. 

5. Share Your Favorite Memories of a Loved One

Get together with your family and have a laugh, cry, and everything in between! Memories are the best way to keep current generations in the know about their family’s past. It is essential to share with the younger generations and even those that have never met the deceased relatives in order to keep the love and traditions alive. 

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