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Did You Know November 8th Is National Cappuccino Day?

November 8th is National Cappuccino Day! Learn why the delicious Italian coffee drink has an entire day dedicated to it!

The delicious, foamy espresso beverage has an entire day of dedication! Learn the earliest account of this national day as well as the history of the coffee drink. 

First Origin of Cappuccinos

The cappuccino was believed to be adopted in the 16th century during the Battle of Vienna. The legend tells that the drink originated from friars of the Catholic Church who wore “cappuccini” hoods with a brown color. They were known as Capuchin friars. 

How to Celebrate

How can one celebrate National Cappuccino day? Well, you can start by going to your local cafe and ordering the wonderful drink! Or, you can watch a recipe and make one at home if you own an espresso machine. Educate yourself on coffee history while sipping the yummy drink is also a fun way to enjoy the national day. 

When Did They Become Popular?

Cappuccinos experienced a surge in popularity after coffee shops began to take over. Corporations such as Starbucks began to popularize the drink, and the clientele along with it. 

WATCH-How to Make a Cappuccino at Home


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