Italy’s Adriatic coast is shaken by an earthquake of magnitude 5.7

Initial reports indicate that an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 that occurred early on Wednesday off the Adriatic coast of Italy did not result in any major injuries or damage.

The earthquake occurred shortly after 7 a.m. (1 a.m. ET), and it was felt in northern regions like Veneto, Friuli, and Trentino as well as Romeo on the other side of the country.

Italian Civil Protection tweeted that examinations were still being conducted on the ground but stated to Reuters that there were “no casualties at this time.”

According to the Italian Geophysics and Volcanology Institute (INGV), the earthquake’s epicenter was located 7 kilometers (4 miles) beneath the surface, 35 kilometers (22 miles) offshore from Pesaro, a seaside city in the eastern Marche province.

Schools in Pesaro and other adjacent cities were shut down out of caution, while rail traffic along the Adriatic coast through Pesaro was suspended.

According to the office of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, she was “in constant touch” with the head of the Marche region and Civil Protection officials to stay abreast of events.

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