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Drake Wears “Vaffanculo” On His Jacket in New Music Video

Why Drake was wearing an Italian swear word on his jacket "On That BS" video.

One of the most popular music artists in the world, Drake was spotted wearing a jacket with the Italian swear word “Vaffanculo” (meaning F* You) on it in his most recent music video, On That BS.

Drake is known to love all things Italian. In his music, he constantly refers to enjoying Italian food, clothes, culture, and especially cars.

This was mentioned twice more on his new album, Her Loss. Once in the song Broke Boys stating, “Ferrari is makin’ an SUV. We ain’t got a choice, we orderin’ these.” Another in the song Rich Flex stating, “I just put em on a jet now they all Italian.”

Given his love for Italian automobiles that go fast, it’s no surprise to see him a fan of Valentino Rossi.

Valentino Rossi is an Italian former professional motorcycle road racer and nine-time Grand Prix motorcycle racing World Champion who is widely considered to be one of the greatest motorcycle racers of all time. He wears the number 46 (also seen on Drakes jacket) and has the nickname “The Doctor” where he displays a similar font and color scheme on his jackets.

The jacket Drake is wearing is a parody of his jacket.

Drake and 21 Savage used parodies to promote their entire album, so it makes sense that we see another one here. They made parodies about being on SNL, Vogue, Tiny Desk Concerts, Howard Stern, and more. One of these parodies even resulted in a 4 million dollar lawsuit by Vogue.

For those interested in seeing the jacket (it’s also on his pant leg too), you can watch the music video below. 


  • Video: Drake and 21 Savage performing “On BS” live on SNL [YouTube]

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