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5 Ways to Add an Italian Flair to your American Thanksgiving

Italians do not celebrate Thanksgiving like Americans do because it is typically an American and Canadian holiday. However, Italian-Americans have adopted the holiday into something of their own.

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrating autumnal harvest season and annual blessings. While Americans and Canadians are typically the ones celebrating the holiday, Italian-Americans have continued to adopt a multitude of customs ranging from food and wine to their own take on sports. Let’s celebrate La Festa Del Ringraziamento!

1. Pair Your Turkey With Some Pasta

Turkey is essential to any American Thanksgiving. It is not uncommon to have multiple main dishes aside from turkey, such as ham or chicken. Instead, try adding your favorite pasta dishes on the side of that big bird this year to deliver an Italian flair. 

2. Make an Antipasto Tray

Food is the way to an Italian’s heart. Typically, there may be appetizers on Thanksgiving such as cheese and crackers or pigs in a blanket. An antipasto tray takes inspiration from these meat and cheese appetizers, however, with a classic Italian feel.

3. Watch Italian "Football"

Italians do not watch American football. It is well-known that Italian football is what Americans call soccer! The Italian football season ranges from August-May. Find a channel on TV or a streaming service that can show you the latest Italian matches. 

4. Create a Traditional Italian Dessert

Whether its cannoli, tiramisu, or anything in between, try something new this year! Traditional Thanksgiving desserts consist of pumpkin pie and apple pie. Be creative and create your own recipe, such as a pistachio pie or coffee flavored cakes to bring in yummy Italian flavors. 

5. Invite as Much Family as You Can!

Italians love big and loud gatherings. If you are hosting this year, invite more family and friends than normal. Let the people close to you know how much they mean to you. If you are visiting others, bring something with you to show your Italian hospitality.

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