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Italy’s Successful Electricity and Gas Company, Enel, Plans to Build Factory in U.S.

Italian electric and gas company Enel is coming to the United States to support their clean energy mission.

What Is Enel?

Enel is an electric and gas company with Italian origins. Enel stands for “Italy’s national entity for electricity.” They have pioneered change by creating a vast array of renewable energy sources. The company has continued to grow their energy business into 29 different countries. 

Why the U.S.?

Enel plans to create a PV cell and panel factory in the United States for a multitude of reasons. For one, the creation develops the groundwork for a North-American supply chain. Another reason is that Enel supports cleaner energy sources. The United States recently passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which encourages newer, cleaner factories. The supplies necessary to Americans will now be much closer to home, assisting in any shortage issues experienced both pre and post pandemic. 

What Will the Factory Create?

After production of the factory, Enel plans to produce 3 gigawatts of energy yearly. To put it into perspective, each example provided is equal to 1 gigawatt. 1 gigawatt has the ability to provide energy for 3.125 PV panels, 333 wind turbines, or even 100 million LED lightbulbs. This is a significant amount of energy that supports the United State’s push toward solar energy.

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