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Former Pope Benedict XVI has Passed, Read 3 Lesser-Known Facts About His Papacy

Former Pope Benedict XVI resigned from his papacy in 2013 for unknown reasons. His death on December 31st, 2022 has saddened the hearts of many Catholics.

Former Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI of the Catholic church has passed away on December 31st, 2022. Benedict resigned from his papacy in 2013 for unknown reasons, and was the first modern pope to do so. 

1. He Was Known for Being a Theologian

Benedict XVI placed an extensive emphasis on reasoning through theological concepts. This means that he sought intellectual integrity in order to form a relationship between his religion and reason. He received a doctorate of theology in 1953 from the University of Munich. Journalists interviewed many who had relationships with him, saying that the former pope brought a sense of clarity to the congregation with a goal to resolve religious issues head-on.

2. His Papacy Was Decided Based on Previous Service

Benedict XVI had a strong interest in the teachings and ideals of the pope before him, John Paul II. Benedict’s adoration for John Paul II won him the pope title. It is not typical for front-runners to receive this position, however, Benedict was against the odds.

3. He Faced Numerous Challenges

Though the exact reason for his resignation is still unknown, the late ex-pope dealt with a plethora of affairs. Ranging from low church attendance to the reported lack of response toward sexual-abuse scandals, the former pope attributed his resignation to old age. Regardless, the death of Benedict XVI has saddened the lives of many Catholics. 

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