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Can You Believe It? Ronzoni Is Discontinuing Pastina and Italians are Devastated

Italians everywhere are devastated this week after discovering that the beloved pasta brand, Ronzoni, is discontinuing an Italian’s favorite sick remedy and comfort food. 


The brand states it was an extremely difficult decision to make, noting that there were issues with their main supplier. Ronzoni expressed that they have tried to create an alternative, however, nothing could match the delicious taste and texture of the original. 

You Can Try the Product From Other Brands

Though everyone’s favorite brand is the original Ronzoni, Barilla makes a similar pastina that you can substitute in your kitchen. It may be a bit more difficult to find, and won’t be exactly the same, however, the beloved star-shaped pasta will live on!


  1. Everyone should petition for Ronzoni to continue making pastina. So many have relied on pastina for years. Please don’t discontinue pastina

    1. Now what am I going to do? Been eating pastina for 60 years. Is there any other pasta company that makes this? I think trying to make it from scratch would be challenging.

  2. Why can’t you continue something successful? I’m 79 and have it regularly. I buy low sodium chicken broth and have great pastina meal. Reconsider your decision, please.

  3. My family has been using Acini de Pepe for years to make pastina dishes. It works great in soups, too.

  4. There is no substitute for Pastina!
    Business decision HA
    Sounds like you Ronzoni Folks have stars in your eyes! Do you really think by dropping Our Beloved Pastina is going to
    Make a larger bottom line?!
    I bet the powers that be have never ate a spoonful of Pastina!! We put up when you discontinued Carrot Pastina
    We your loyal Ronzoni Brand realized you care very little for your customers
    Your brand will be hurt by this callous move!
    I’m jumping the Ronzoni Ship to any other brand pasta!
    Why must your decisions be about money?
    Where are the creative thinkers??

  5. I’ll never buy a Ronzoni product again !
    Pastina is one of my FAVORITE childhood memories and I still to this day eat it .
    Bah BYE Ronzoni.

  6. Everyone should Boycott Ronzoni products. Ronzoni was not the original Pastina. The original was and still is made by DeCecco its Italian name is Acini di Pepe no. 78. They been making it since. 1886. And it is made in Italy. It is available in most stores in Florida.

  7. OMG…I dimmed my lights and shut the curtains…we are officially in mourning here. I am 71 and I can remember eating it every summer in NYC ..visiting my Italian grandparents. Butter and Parm! Mom would bring boxes of it back to Indiana because we couldnt get it here. Still can’t get Ronzoni in Indiana, so I have friends bring it back from any state they travel to . (myself also) Italian penicillin! Acini d pepe is close but not close enough. Sad day.

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