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I DO, I DOG-An Italian Wedding Movie Starring Man’s Best Friend

Rita DiCarlo is an Italian-American woman with an immense passion for animals and anything Italian. She is currently ascertaining funds to enter the pre-production phase of her movie, "I DO, I DOG."

Meet the Creator

Rita DiCarlo is a first generation Italian-American woman who has a passion for her Italian culture and dogs. Retired registered nurse and chiropractor, DiCarlo is an innovative creator with a passion for the unique. In her retirement, DiCarlo found that her creativity struck by inventing the world’s first pizza flavored candy back in 2013, titled “PIZZA is 4 SUCKERS.” The candy won a nomination for Most Innovative New Product by the National Confectioners Association. DiCarlo has found her newest passion to be a creative film titled “I DO, I DOG.”

What Is the Film About?

DiCarlo’s inspiration comes from her never being married herself. Feeling left out, DiCarlo oftentimes found herself pretending her rescue dog was the groom for fun! Because of her affinity for keeping Italian culture alive and her love for dogs, DiCarlo’s future romantic comedy movie involves an Italian woman having a huge traditional wedding and pretend “marrying” her dog. You heard that right! Man’s best friend is getting married. 

Additional Information

The movie is soon to be in pre-production phase, meaning DiCarlo must raise money before the filming begins. An Italian production company in New York City led by seasoned producer, director, and writer Frank Rainone is waiting in the wings until pre-production funding is secured. DiCarlo’s movie concept has been compared to 2002’s “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” however, she says it is so much more because “It has Italians and dogs, which are even better!” 

Funding Link

Click the provided link to support DiCarlo’s movie. She would love the support of the Italian community to help her dream come to life!


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