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Anarchists Form Hunger-Strike in Italy

Anarchist Alfredo Cospito was arrested for gun and bomb attacks in Italy. He has been refusing to eat for 100 days due to new prison rules. His supporters are standing with him by supporting his hunger strike and creating their own.

Hunger Strike

An Italian anarchist network is protesting in Italy this week after Alfredo Cospito, an insurrectionary anarchist was incarcerated. Cospito is in prison for both gun and bomb attacks on Italian citizens. Cospito has been refusing food in jail for over 100 days, and the anarchists are standing together by conducting a hunger strike. Tough prison restrictions have inspired Cospito’s refusal to eat. 

An Attempt at "International Solidarity"

Anarchists are banding together to attack Italy and Italian institutions. The anarchists believe that modern prison sentences in Italy have become much more rigorous on prisoners. An example of this is less than an hour outside of their allotted solitary confinement time per day. Prisoners are also banned from interacting with the other prisoners depending on their sentence. By protesting, they hope to combat heightened security and help prisoners in hopes of more humane treatment. 

Cospito Transferred

Cospito was transferred to a jail in Milan after his psychological isolation has caused him immense mental disorientation. His worsening health conditions due to refusal to eat has raised concerns. 

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  1. I wish we had tougher prison sentences here in Philly! The inmates are running the asylum and sentences are too lenient if they should even be found guilty with a Liberal DA!

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