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You MUST Try Sfera’s Sicilian Street Food in Chicago! Here’s Why.

Sfera Sicilian Street Food is a new Italian restaurant in Chicago. It serves Sicilian Street Food but with a Chicago twist. Here's why you should try it.

What is Sfera Sicilian Street Food?

Sfera Sicilian Street Food, located in Edgewater, Illinois, is dedicated to serving customers with delectable, farm-to-table dishes inspired by the culinary traditions of Sicily. Sicilian street food is renowned for its fresh and quick-fire cooking. However, the restaurant doesn’t serve the traditional Sicilian food, it has a Chicago twist!

Who Are the Creators of Sfera?

Sfera was born out of Steven and Daniela’s passion for bending the rich flavors of Sicilian cuisine with a distinctive Chicago flair. As a child of Sicilian immigrants, Daniela always held a vision of crafting a venture that would truly capture her cultural roots and legacy. Drowning upon his immigrant heritage and extensive experience working in some of the world’s most prestigious fine dining establishments, Steven brings a wealth of culinary knowledge and expertise to the Sfera team. 

Il Cibo di Sfera

Fueled by their shared experience of life in Sicily, Steven and Daniela fused their culinary visions to create a concept of fast-casual dining. Best known for their Classico arancini, Sfera serves pane cunzato, sfincione, seasonal dolce, and more. Sfera has made a commitment to using refreshing ingredients, making some of their food rare.

Here's Why You Should Go.

Beyond their famously delicious food offerings, Sfera excels in authentically representing Sicilian culture within their establishment. A prime example lies in their homage to the legend of the Sicilian Moor’s Head. White Lotus watchers know, that the statues are a staple to Sicilian culture. Alongside the elegant, handcrafted statues the shelves are brimming with Italian biscotti, souvenirs and other Italian food products. Immerse yourself in Sicily while in Chicago by experiencing Sfera, you won’t regret it!


Pictures: Kristin Mendiola


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