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History Behind Where White Lotus: Sicily Was Filmed

Ever wonder where the second season of White Lotus was filmed? Read to find out!

Where Was The Season Filmed?

Taormina, Sicily was the location chosen to film the second season of the critically acclaimed show, White Lotus. The location was selected for its unique ambiance, which projects an operatic and tragic energy, perfectly complementing the themes of the season and the show. Although Taormina gained widespread recognition from the show, the town’s rich cultural and historical significance extends far beyond its association with the show.

Conflict & Conquest

Taormina was first discovered by the Greeks in 734 BC. The town had been celebrated for its natural beauty, offering a serene atmosphere and a stunning bird’s-eye view of the sea. Its strategic location also made it a valuable military stronghold, which is precisely what attracted the Romans. After conquering, the Romans named the location Taormina. Many more went to conquer Taormina, however, it remained to Sicily. 

What Makes It Unique

Taormina boasts a unique blend of Greek and Italian architecture, which is just one of the many reasons why it has become a highly sought-after destination for tourists. From stoic battlements, towers, courtyards the town exudes an irresistible charm. Among its many attractions, Palazzo Corvaja stands out as a prime example of Taormina’s rich history and cultural significance, earning its place as one of the town’s greatest symbols. 



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