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NEW Italian Children’s Book “Pasta for Dinner” Available to Purchase NOW!

What's for dinner? Mom is making pasta for dinner tonight. It's everyone's favorite. However, when it comes to picking the pasta shape, there can only be one. Or can there? Which sister will get to choose the pasta shape for dinner? With Mom's loving guidance the girls learn there's always room for everyone's favorite at the table.

What Is the Story About?

What’s for dinner? “Pasta for Dinner” is a children’s story about two young sisters named Scarlett and Sophia. Like all Italian families, they love pasta. Both girls each have a favorite pasta shape, and sometimes have trouble coming to an agreement on which shape is best when their mom makes dinner. As their mom is making dinner one night, they wonder which sister will get to pick the pasta shape because there can only be one. Or can there?

Upcoming Series

“Pasta for Dinner” is the first published book in a series titled “What’s for Dinner,” written by Mary Sandroni. The series is aimed at parents looking for books to read to their children that details parts of their Italian heritage in a beautifully illustrated and easy-to-read format. Join characters 8-year-old Scarlett and 4-year-old Sophia on their future adventures with Italian food! “Pasta for Dinner” is available for sale online through Target, Amazon, Walmart, and Barnes and Noble. 

Who is Author Mary Sandroni?

Mary Sandroni comes from a 100% Italian background. Her larger-than-life Italian family that loves spending time together making fun memories and cultivating a strong relationship around the food they share. Sandroni loves her two beautiful daughters, Scarlett and Sophia, (who star in the book series), as well as fashion, traveling, and writing. 

An Italian Inspiration

Almost all Italian or Italian-American families have a copy of the book “Strega Nona” by Tommie dePaola sitting on their bookshelf at home. Sandroni shares that Strega Nona was her favorite book as a child because of the strong Italian themes. The Nona, the pasta, and the story revolving around food all resonated with Sandroni. She states that there are not many Italian children’s books out there and wants to influence a new generation to develop and appreciate their Italian heritage through her “What’s for Dinner” book series. Sandroni’s first book, “Pasta for Dinner,” is inspired by the real life events experienced by her daughters, Scarlett and Sophia.

Where Can I Buy the Book?

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