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Female Mafia Boss, Maria Licciardi, JAILED for Leading Camorra Clan in Campania, Italy

Maria Licciardi is a notorious female mafia boss. After her arrest in 2021, she is now being sentenced to 12 years in prison for leading a Camorra clan.

Who is Maria Licciardi?

Maria Licciardi is a 71 year old woman from Italy. She is best known for being a female mafia boss of the Camorra clan. Licciardi is one of the few women recorded to be a mafia leader in Italy. Her story has inspired the popular show Gomorrah, with one of the female mafia bosses shares a similar personality to Licciardi.  

What is the Camorra Clan?

The Camorra is a mafia organization based in Campania, Italy. As with other mafia organizations, it is notorious for drug trafficking, gambling, and counterfeiting. It is one of the oldest and largest mafia organizations in Italy. Because there are multiple “clans” of the Camorra, it operates differently than most mafia entities. Each clan represents separate leadership and often results in more clans forming after one may become disbanded. 

How was Licciardi Arrested?

Licciardi was originally arrested in August of 2021, however, she was sentenced in March of 2023 to 13 years of jail. Her rise to leader of the Camorra came into fruition after the death of her brother in 1994. She was arrested after attempting to visit her daughter in Spain back in 2021. 

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