Actor Ray Romano required surgery to address significant artery blockage in his heart

Ray Romano has recently shared his remorse for not following his doctor’s advice earlier. The renowned “Everybody Loves Raymond” actor revealed that he had to undergo a heart stent installation after doctors detected a major artery blockage of up to 90%.

In a conversation on the “WTF Podcast with Marc Maron,” Romano confessed that he had high cholesterol over two decades ago, and his doctor had recommended a statin for him. However, he always opted to do it his way and would only make slight dietary changes to reduce his cholesterol levels. Although he had initially lowered his cholesterol levels from 280 to 220, his doctor had always insisted he needed to do better.

The 65-year-old actor is now pre-diabetic and admits to regretting not taking the medication earlier. He further added that the medication has lowered his energy levels, but he feels he can enjoy his meals more now. However, this has led to his sugar levels going up.

Romano went on to describe his experience with aging, saying that 60 years old is bizarre. He felt that saying 50 was strange, but saying 60 feels fake and foreign. He admitted that even though he doesn’t feel that old in his mind, his body has started giving him a few signs of aging.

Romano is also the co-writer and director of “Somewhere in Queens,” which is currently out.

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