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Why Was Playboy Model/Italian Princess Rita Jenrette Evicted From Her $533M Villa?

Rita Jenrette has an interesting history. 3 marriages deep, she managed to become an Italian princess. Find out why she is being evicted from her $533m Italian villa.

Who is Rita Jenrette?

Rita Jenrette is an actress, journalist, and former Playboy model. She was previously involved in real-estate, even helping Donald Trump broker an $800 million dollar deal back in 1998. Jenrette dreamed of moving to Rome as a young child who traveled with her sister. She is also the daughter to self-made millionaire to C. Hunt Carpenter. Her inheritance of the Roman villa is causing a major dispute between Jenrette and family members.

Jenrette's Italian Background

Jenrette is not Italian herself, however, her third husband claimed to be an Italian prince. After Jenrette became an Italian Princess, Nicolo Boncompagni Ludovisi wanted to build a line of hotels with her. He asked her to move to Rome with him to live in Villa Aurora, one of the world’s most expensive houses. The couple lived together until Ludovisi’s death in 2008, leaving the luxury estate to Jenrette. 

The History of Villa Aurora

The 30,000 square foot Villa Aurora seated in the hills of Rome has a rich history. The estate was built in the 1500s, and recently began restoration. The home houses extremely important pieces of western artwork, such as a frescoed ceiling. The property is protected under Italian cultural heritage laws, meaning that prospective buyers are required to pay millions to upkeep renovation costs. 

Why Was Jenrette Evicted?-WATCH


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