Shipwreck Leaves More Than 20 Deceased Along Italian Shoreline

Migrant shipwrecks have hit an all time high along the coastlines of Italy. With Italy's Prime Minister urging for people to stop sailing, they unfortunately persist and it can cost them their life.

What Happened?

Multiple separate shipwrecks leave citizens fearing more than twenty citizens dead. Those citizens were attempting to travel from Northern Africa to Italy. Italy’s coastguard notified guests that the previous good weather was quickly undermined by the “perilous” sea coming from Africa. Georgia Meloni, Italy’s Prime Minister, has addressed boat outings along this dangerous route previously, promising to stop them. This, however, does not stop determined migrants.

Where Was the Accident?

The Tunisian route is popular among migrants because of its convenience along the Mediterranean crossing in Lampedusa. The current economic crisis in the North African country is driving many to leave. The migrants will do whatever it takes to get out of their territory, even risking their lives. The International Organization for Migration (IMO) has reported over 500 missing due to death or disappearance just this year. 

What Happens Now?

While Italy’s coastguard is currently unavailable to comment, any survivors were given compensation for their attempt to cross. These significant numbers of people losing their lives or disappearing are unfortunately not scaring people away, as Italy has seen an immense influx of migrants. Italy saw 9,000 travel by sea last year, and it is currently up to 36,000 individuals.

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