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California Woman Buys THREE Sicilian Homes for $3.30

Rubia Daniels, a 49-year-old woman from California, has purchased three homes in Sicily for only $3.30. Learn about Italy's plans to repopulate rural areas that have been abandoned!

Who Bought the Homes?

A California-based woman named Rubia Daniels, age 49, had recently heard about Italy’s “cheap” houses. She quickly became intrigued at the prospect, buying a plane ticket within days of hearing about them back in 2019. Daniels has a background in the solar industry, making her, by nature, an environmentally conscious individual. Her intent for each of the homes was to restore the homes. She wants to encourage others to use what is already here instead of always building something new. 

Where are the Italian Homes?

The homes purchased by Daniels are located in Mussomelli, Sicily.  This area of Sicily is close to beaches and the memorable temples of Agrigento. The abandonments are unfortunately quite common in Italy, thus, the need for this new housing development. 

Why Are They So Cheap?

Mussomelli, Sicily used to be a booming area populated by many. Unfortunately, this area of rural Italy had become widely unpopulated. Italians are becoming desperate for rural areas to become inhabited again. The housing and developmental project is called “Case 1 Euro.” The only requirement for purchasing one of the $1 homes is that a renovation must be completed within 3 years of purchase. It costs only a few thousand dollars to renovate the abandoned homes. 

WATCH-Italy's Cheap Homes

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