Long ago Basilica was a poor region and this meant that people living in this part of Italy were resourceful and made the most of what was available to them. Despite this, the food from this region is varied and delicious.



andrew-ridley-185915.jpgPork is the most commonly used meat in the food of Basilica and is served in many ways. One of the most popular ways to cook pork is to spit roast a pig quickly. This is ideal for large gatherings of friends and family.


Other Meats

max-delsid-479103.jpgOther meats that are commonly used in the cuisine of this region are mutton, lamb, kid, and rabbit. These are often cooked quickly and simply or stewed with fresh, seasonal vegetables.



markus-spiske-253727.jpgLike in many of the regional cuisines of Italy, tomatoes are widely used in dishes. They are easy to grow, cheap and flavorsome. They are used in salads and to make delicious sauces that also feature either meat or vegetables and are flavored with herbs.


Regional Cheese

alexander-maasch-202885.jpgItaly is famous for its various cheeses and each region produces its own varieties. Basilica is well-known for several types of cheese that are produced in the region. These include Pecorino cheese of Filano PDO and Lucanian Cacioricotta cheese.


Fresh Pasta

jakub-kapusnak-296128.jpgWhile Italy as a whole is well-known for pasta, it is Basilica that can boast it was the first place in Italy that the production of pasta was recorded. The region produces ten different varieties of fresh pasta, the most famous of which is Orecchiette. 


katherine-lenhart-440548.jpgSmall, round hot peppers are grown in this region and are readily available. Pupazzella is a dish featuring these peppers which are soaked in vinegar and then stuffed with anchovies and parsley. 

Calzone di Verdura

9373917000_5a72b53349_b.jpgCalzone is pizza dough that is baked and stuffed with a filling. A traditional dish of Basilicata is calzone di verdura. The filling for the pizza dough is raisins, peppers, and chard.

Focaccia a Brazzudo


The various bread products in the region are the perfect ingredient to create both snacks and filling meals. A simple dish served in Basilicata is focaccia a brazzudo. This flatbread is served with lard, oregano, and pork crackling.



This is a stewed vegetarian dish popular in the region. The ingredients include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and potatoes.

Lucania Sausages

meat-fridge-food-sausage-84267.jpegThis is a variety of pork sausage produced in the region that uses only the top quality of meat. Other ingredients used include pork fat, pepperoncino, fennel seeds, salt, and pepper. The sausages were once known as Lucania. 

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