Located in the southwest of Italy, Campania is a region that is known for its dramatic coastline and its ancient ruins. It is also known for serving delicious and diverse cuisine, including many dishes that are typically associated with Italy. Here are some examples of the traditional cuisine of Campania.




Pizza is probably the best-known Italian dish in the world and it is eaten globally. However, it originated in Naples, the capital city of Campania. Therefore, this region is famous for the outstanding quality of its pizza.


Buffalo Mozzarella


Buffalo Mozzarella is also a famous Italian product and this too originates from Campania. If you are eating out anywhere in Campania you will see this ingredient featuring highly on menus. It is used as a pizza topping, on cheese and cold meats boards, on Italian bread, and in pasta dishes.


Fresh Produce


There is some amazing fresh produce grown in Campania and these are often used as the basis of many of the traditional dishes. Some of the produce include oranges, lemons, spring onions, fennel, tomatoes, artichokes, peppers, onions, and fennel. 

Aqua Pazza


The name of this dish translates as ‘crazy water’. Whitefish is the main ingredient of aqua pazza and it is poached in white wine, cherry tomatoes, and olive oil. 

Risotto Alla Pescatora


This dish is especially popular in Naples and along the Amalfi coast. It is a classic seafood risotto that varies depending on who is making the dish and the availability of seafood.

Parmigiana Melanzane


This dish features the region’s famous Mozzarella cheese. It is layered with sliced and fried eggplant before baking in the oven. The dish also includes a tomatoes sauce flavored with basil and other herbs. 


Caprese Salad


A Caprese salad is one of the most famous salad dishes in the world as it is served internationally. The colors of the dish represent those of the Italian flag and it originates from the island of Capri. This simple salad contains just Mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes. Some people drizzle this with olive oil. 



Meatballs are another famous Italian dish and those of Campania are quite specific to the region in terms of how they are made and eaten. The meatballs, called polpette, are prepared first and then put to the side. Spaghetti is cooked and served with the cooking juices of the meatballs. The meatballs are then served as a second course and topped with a tomato sauce. 




While many regions of Italy do not have specific desserts that come from that area, Campania differs as it is famous for several desserts. These include rum baba, sfogliatelle, and pastiera. The cakes from Campania are also delightful. 

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