The Best Italian Inventors

Often, we do not think about the things we use on a daily basis, such as where they came from, who was the first person to use an item and who came up with the idea in the first place. There are a staggering amount of ideas and objects that originate in Italy and here are some of the inventors we can thank for their brainwaves.


Often, we do not think about and take for granted the things we use on a daily basis. We begin to forget where they came from, when they were first used, and who came up with the invention to begin with. There are a staggering amount of ideas and objects that originate in Italy and here are some of the inventors we can thank for their brainwaves and for changing the world as we know it.



​Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci lived between 1452 and 1519. Throughout his life, this talented man made significant contributions as a scientist, an artist, a creative engineer, and an inventor. He is famous for, amongst other things, designing prototypes of the tank, helicopter, and parachute. 


​Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco

Born in 1655 in Padua, this man was an instrument maker who is credited with the invention of the piano. He died in 1731.

​Antonio Benedetto Carpano

This Italian distiller invented Vermouth. This led to the concept of the aperitif. Antonio Benedetto Carpano lived between 1764 and 1815. 


​Giovanni Caselli

This man is famous for the invention of a device called a pantelegraph. It was from the basic concept of this machine that the fax machine was invented. This invention was registered in 1861.


​Salvino Degli Armati

Salvino Degli Armati is one of two people who is credited with the invention of reading glasses. The other person is Alessandro della Spina. However, it is also possible that this visual aid was invented by a Venetian glassmaker.


​Antonio Meucci

Although Graham Bell was the first to patent the invention of the telephone, it was actually Antonio Meucci who invented the telephone. He first began to develop a design in 1849 and even applied for a patent in 1871. However, the patent expired in 1874 and Meucci did not have sufficient funds to renew the patent. After Graham Bell successfully patented the invention, Meucci’s work was overlooked. However, his contributions were officially recognized in 2002.


​Guglielmo Marconi

Marconi was born in 1874. Although he contributed to developing radio transmission, the Italian government was not interested and he had to travel to London in order to patent his ideas. Lord Kelvin was the first to send a ‘Marconigram’ in 1889 and Marconi then established the Wireless Telegram Company in 1897 in London and this later became the Marconi Wireless Telegram Co. Ltd. Marconi also developed or contributed to the continuous wave system, the magnetic detector and horizontal direction telegraphy.

Main Image: Pexels


  1. My grandfather, James
    Albert Anania invented and patented the platform for the hook and ladder fire truck. An uneducated Italian immigrant and a genius, he has other patents that revolutionized manufacturing.

    Vanessa Anania Accaria Faukner’

  2. Antonia Meucci had his invention stolen by Alexander gram bell who paid off Meucci`s lawyer . Also you forgot to mention Nicoli Tesla who invented AC electrical current .

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