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8 Habits of Italian Mothers

Have you ever noticed that your mother does things a little bit differently than all of your non-Italian friends' moms?

In fact, you may have even adopted these habits for yourself after growing up in an Italian household. (Which is totally not a bad thing!)

With that being said, let’s dive into this list of 8 customs and habits that Italian mothers have (and are proud of.

With that being said, let’s dive into this list of 8 customs and habits that Italian mothers have (and are proud of.

1. She has a cross hanging somewhere on the wall in the house

Photo Credit: Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash
She probably has a corno hanging somewhere to protect the house from malocchio too.

2. Her massive re-usable bag collection

Photo Credit: Someecards

Whether she used them to pack your lunch or made you wear them inside your snow boots, they definitely came in handy one way or another.

3. She doesn’t sit down to eat unless everyone is seated first

Photo Credit: Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

She will just keep coming out of the kitchen with more food and ask you if it’s good or if you like her food.

4. The first thing she always asks you is, “Did you eat?”

Photo Credit: The Odyessy

And if you answer no, then she’s already running into the kitchen getting ready to prepare you something.

5. She tells you to bundle up more before going out

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Even with a jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves, she just wants to make sure you don’t get sick.

6. She still doesn’t trust you in the kitchen alone

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No matter what age you are, if she hears you make noise in the kitchen, guaranteed she’ll be in there behind you within seconds. It’s either because she doesn’t want you to make a mess, or she’s afraid you’ll burn the house down.

7. If you tell her you’re having a friend over, she’ll cook a feast for 20 people

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As if there isn’t already so many leftovers when it’s just the family eating. Your friend will want to come over to eat every day now.

8. She thinks you are in danger if you don’t answer her calls

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Photo Credit: Amino Apps

And you know you’re in for an ear full once you decide to answer her call.

What are some crazy habits your mothers have?

We’d love to hear them! Share them with us in the comments.




    1. How about this one from my Mom and Nonna: “Oh, I love you so much I could eat you up!”

  1. She lived with us for +/- 30 years before she joined my Dad in the arms of the Lord. When I suggested that she relax when I quit working, her response was “NO, you sit down, you DIE!” She continued to help around the house – but if she did sit, out of her pocket came her rosary and she prayed for us all. I miss her so much.
    Her best line was “ no laugh on me”.

  2. every mother has a cabinet full of Italian tupperware which is plastic containers every product comes in that is cleaned and kept

      1. Wow I CANT BELIVE!!! Everyone who walks in my kitchen or opens a closets , calls me the Bag Lady or the Queen of bags & ” don’t touch one she will **** you”

  3. Very, very true. I love the one about a cabinet filled with bags. But ya know Italian grandmas come with much love!!

  4. Make it yourself, fix it yourself, figure it out, don’t throw that away … I can use it.
    These are the attitudes with which I grew up. I’m very grateful. Creativity was stimulated in my home.

  5. Stephanie sounds like She was a Great Mother as I know she has a Great Daughter with all of the 8 good habits.

  6. seems to me most mothers and grandmothers have the same habits and want the best for their families

  7. My Grandma hung her paper towels out to dry and rinsed her bread bags out and hung them out to dry too. She came from the Italian “old country” in 1921 and lived here during the depression. Everything got reused. Nothing was thrown away. NOW, if you use something, maybe even once, it gets thrown away. So sad.

    I do the same things myself and get upset when the kids eat a cracker on a paper plate then throw it away. I go ballistic!!!!!! “Set that aside and you or someone else can use that!!!” Really, would they throw away a china plate or such???? Just because it’s paper it has to be thrown out because it was used once????!!!! AGGGHHHHH!!!!!

  8. Lol washing of the milk bags and sliced bread …. to be reused!
    She used to peel our oranges for our lunches so we didn’t get our hands dirty! Go figure I do that now!!! I’m guilty of all the above!!! And it makes me giggle knowing I’m just like my mom in so many ways! ❤️

  9. My mom said my grandma could cook a meal for 10 people in 30 minutes out of her pantry. It was always full. Ready to go in a minute’s notice

  10. Taught her to use FaceTime. She switches it off each time to save power so I have to ring first. When I ring on mobile she says ‘I get the pad?’ Cracks me up each time. She also washes everything before using, coffee cups, teacups, plates even though they have been washed sparkling clean.

  11. Don’t worry Belli, you’ll be just like us!😂😂😂😂😂
    It’s in the genes!🤣🤣🤣😂

    1. Bridget Joyce you are correct. Lots of Italian stereotypes. I do not see in those my grandmother, my mother, my sisters , my sisters- in-law and certainly I do not see Me !!

  12. So funny and true, I have become my mom and that is a good thing. Italian moms the most loving and fun moms, full of love, food, cooking, music, dance, stories and tradition. I will miss my Italian mom for the rest of my life until we meet in Heaven mom… keep stirring the sauce.❤️🌹

  13. I do them all just like my sweet Momma did. Best Momma ever always thinking of her children. Love all of her habits she taught me I could not stop laughing.

  14. I love this.. my beautiful mom was not Italian but she was such a loving, giving mom to all 4 of us, who i miss every day of my life.

  15. Where to begin…. waiting up until I got home if I went out with my friends. Making sure when we would eat that the leftovers would be sent home with someone. Always making sure your clothes fit correctly. Making sure when your nonna or Zia would call from Italy, that you would talk to them as well. There is plenty more…

  16. I am an FBI but Married a Ukrainian, who thinks he’s Italian. Love that guy <3

  17. Left over food was used in the following days soup. Besides family, there were three other framed pictures. Last Supper…The Pope…and Frank Sinatra

  18. Before going out,”where are you going,who are you going with, don’t be late (coming home )”.
    My answer “ mom I’m 35 have a wife and kids and live in Europe and your still asking “😊❤️

  19. The Italians started recycling way before it became mandatory. LOL eg. plastic bags, and containers.
    Also don’t forget, the clear vinyl covered living room couch and chairs.

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