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6 Traditional Italian Easter Dishes

With Easter fast approaching, let's take a look at some of the most popular Italian Easter dishes to celebrate this Easter holiday.

With Easter fast approaching, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Italian Easter dishes to celebrate this Easter holiday.

1. Fried Calamari

This typical Good Friday dish is what most Italians look forward to the around Easter time. Although it may leave your house smelling like fried fish for a few days, it’s simple to make and will be a top favourite of your friends and family.

Crispy Fried Calamari
Photo by Cooking With Nonna

Cooking With Nonna has a yummy recipe for fried calamari here.

2. Brodetto

Another Good Friday favourite is the seafood brodetto or zuppa di pesce (fish soup). Great on its own, but even better served with a spaghetti or linguini pasta for a main dish.

Tip: Have some fresh bread handy so you can clean your plate afterwards!

Brodetto (Italian fish stew)
Photo by Great Italian Chefs

Check out the recipe by Great Italian Chefs

3. Stuffed Artichokes

Commonly known as carciofi ripieni, this dish is full of amazing savoury flavours. Although this recipe requires a little more prep then the other recipes mentioned, if you are an artichoke lover then it is totally worth it.

Photo by SkinnyTaste

This recipe by SkinnyTaste is worth following.

4. Agnello

Lamb is a quite popular Easter Sunday dish that is enjoyed by Italians not only for Easter but all year round. Either roasted, grilled, braised or stewed, no matter how you cook it, the flavours of the lamb remain flavourful. Add a side of season vegetables and the dish is complete!

Chef Benito’s Easter Lamb Recipe
Photo by Chef Benito on Trinity Cafe

Chef Benito’s Easter Lamb Recipe looks amazing!

5. Pizza Rustica

Commonly known to “break the fast”, this pizza rustica is the perfect addition to an Easter Sunday antipasto.

Image result for nonna's pizza rustica
Photo by Cooking With Nonna

Cooking with Nonna’s recipe for Pizza Rustica is easy to follow and will have you drooling!

6. Lasagna

If all else fails and you don’t know what to cook for Easter Sunday, lasagna is an easy and filling dish that everyone is guaranteed to love. In an Italian household, it’s usually not a celebration if there isn’t lasagna.

A well-made lasagna | Photo by Mike Easton of ilcorvopasta.com/
Photo by Walks of Italy

Everyone makes their lasagna differently, but if you need a quick recipe, check out Walks of Italy recipe.

What are some of your favourite Italian Easter recipes? Comment below, we’d love to hear them!



• Main Photo by Great Italian Chefs

• Recipes by: Cooking With Nonna
Great Italian Chefs
Chef Benito on Trinity Cafe
Walks of Italy

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