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​For many people, going out to eat is an important element of any trip to Florence in Italy. It is a chance to relax, sample the local food and enjoy the splendor of Italian cuisine. In many restaurants, there is the added advantage of stunning views to admire while you dine. Here are some of the most popular restaurants in Florence that you might like to try should you choose to visit this amazing city.

1. Il Bufalo Trippone

If all you want is a spot of lunch during a day out in Florence, then Il Bufalo Trippone is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat. Food is freshly made to order and paninis are a popular choice amongst diners here.

2. Nobile Bistro

Nobile Bistro is a great place to try if you want a late lunch or an informal evening meal. There is a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at this bistro and the customer service is excellent. Rustic homemade meals are the highlights of dinin

3. Mangia Pizza Forenze

Pizza is one of the most famous Italian dishes and an authentic pizza made in a real Italian pizzeria is much different to the ones you buy for your freezer at home. You will find many pizzerias throughout Florence but Mangia Pizza Forenze is one of the best. You can choose your own toppings and then watch your pizza being created from scratch.

4. Le Volpi e L’Uva

For anyone who thinks the wine served with a meal is just as important as the quality of food, Le Volpi e L’Uva is a perfect choice. Enjoying some Tuscan wine with a cheese platter here is just as enjoyable as a meal.

5. 50 Sfumature di Gusto

If you are celebrating an occasion or want an outstanding gastronomic experience, then 50 Sfumature di Gusto is an absolute must. The standard and the presentation of the food served here is outstanding and a real treat. The menu predominantly consists of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with a modern twist.

6. Haveli Indian Restaurant

While you may enjoy sampling the delights of Mediterranean cuisine, there may be some occasions when you want to sample something a little spicier. If that is the case, then head to Haveli Indian Restaurant as this serves traditional English cuisine at reasonable prices.

7. Dim Sum

Alternatively, Chinese cuisine offers a range of spices and flavors that may suit all tastes. One of the top Chinese restaurants in Florence is Dim Sum. Not only is the menu extensive, it is also a very reasonably priced venue with a fun atmosphere.

8. Koko

Another option for those who like Asian-inspired flavors is to head for a restaurant serving sushi. Koko is probably the most popular venue for sushi in Florence. Although it is pricier than many other restaurants in the area, the prices are justified by the quality of food, the service, and the overall experience.Florence is a wonderful city to visit if you want to try both Italian cuisine and food from across the globe. There are restaurants to suit all budgets, tastes, and occasions, so eating out can play a huge part in your experience of visiting this amazing city.



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