SHOCKING: Japanese Couple Charged $430 for Two Plates of Pasta in Rome

Two Japanese tourists were recently charged $429.00 after dining at a restaurant in Italy. They ordered two plates of pasta, fish, and some water. at Antico Caffè di Marte. The two individuals uploaded their receipt to Tripadvisor. It shows that they were charged $349.80 for the food and an additional $80 as a “compulsory service charge”. This story has gone viral. The cost of fish at the restaurant is marked as $6.50. However, this price refers to the cost of 100g of fish which results in customers paying extremely high prices.

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Best Restaurants in Florence, Italy

​For many people, going out to eat is an important element of any trip to Florence in Italy. It is a chance to relax, sample the local food and enjoy the splendor of Italian cuisine. In many restaurants, there is the added advantage of stunning views to admire while you dine. Here are some of the most popular restaurants in Florence that you might like to try should you choose to visit this amazing city.

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