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7 Things All Italians Hate!

We asked the Hardcore Nation on Facebook to, "Name one thing Italians hate." We took the family's top answers and collected them into making this! Did we cover them all? What are other things Italians hate? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Being told you’re too loud

Photo Credit:  Kristina Flour on Unsplash

2. Disrespect

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3. The “Sauce” or “Gravy” debate

Photo credit: Catkin from Pixabay

4. People who aren’t loyal

Photo Credit:  Priscilla on Unsplash

5. When the waiter doesn’t leave any Parmesan cheese

Photo Credit: Peter Biela from Pixabay

6. When your name gets pronounced incorrectly

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7. When people think all Italians are associated with the mob

Photo Credit: OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


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    1. Barbecue sauce. is as bad as pineapple or ham. The most disgusting thing I saw recently was someone putting Ranch dressing on pasta. Oh Dear God my Nona is turning over in her gravy.

  1. Angela Osborne: I hate it when people think we are all like the characters in the GodFather movies. We don’t eat pasta every day. We love our family and wouldn’t hurt any of them. Our people have contributed great art, music, science and language to America. (Hey, remember Columbus?) True story: Many years ago I had my first job in NYC at a major network – which consisted of typing scripts and ordering lunch for the crew). One of the producers called me into his office. I thought I was going to be fired. But what he wanted shocked me. He wanted to know if one of my relatives could beat up a competing producer “not kill him, just break his legs.” I thought he was joking. What I did was quote some dialog from one of the Godfather movies. I told him that if I did what he wanted he would “owe” a favor back to the godfathers. That favor could eve include telling him to kill an enemy of theirs – or worse – killing unfaithful wives, fellow gangsters, etc. I left his office without a promise of any kind to get involved in illegal activity of any kind. He said nothing. But two weeks later I was pulled out of the producing unit and put back in the steno pool. PS: Karma came to my rescue. Within a few years I was producing a top rated TV show – and in came this guy asking for a job! He didn’t remember me. I sent him to the hiring office – and never heard from him again. My mom used to tell me to remember the people on my way up because they are the same people I’ll meet on the way down.

  2. How about some people think that being Siciliano, your from a Middle Eastern country!!

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