Tips for Learning Italian

These six tips will help you learn Italian.
Tips for Learning Italian
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Italian is considered one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn.

Some benefits of learning Italian include the ability to travel freely and comfortably throughout Italy, the ability to communicate with family members or take on exciting jobs. The list goes on!

Like any other language, it takes time, concentration, and dedication to master Italian. Luckily, there are several tried and true tips that will make it easier to navigate and learn the Italian language.

1. Download a language app

Apps such as Duolingo will help you learn basic words and construct basic sentences. An app is perfect for anyone new to the Italian language or anyone who needs a quick refresher.

2. Read articles in Italian

If you have a basic understanding of some Italian words, take the time to read news articles in Italian. This will help you practice your basic understanding of sentence structure, it till give you the opportunity to read new words, and you will learn about current world events.

3. Watch Italian movies

One of our favorite methods is to watch a classic Italian movie. Watch the movie a few times with English subtitles. Once you have a thorough understanding of the movie’s plot and can anticipate the scenes and lines, watch the movie with Italian subtitles. Here’s a list of our favorite Italian movies (with a few feel-good films sprinkled in)!

4. Listen to podcasts

Listening to a podcast is a great way to familiarize yourself with audio comprehension. We love to learn Italian from podcasts like Coffee Break Italian – a podcast that has beginner and advanced lessons.

5. Work with an online tutor

One of the most efficient methods of learning is to consistently work with a tutor one-on-one. You can find reasonably priced online Italian lessons through websites like Preply.

6. Stay in Italy

If you’re lucky, the ultimate way to learn Italian is to stay in Italy for an extensive amount of time. There, you will hear the language in everyday use and be able to practice with native speakers. Since every region is different, you will need to know where you want to go before you book a ticket. Check out our guides to Italy here.

If you want to learn how to speak Italian, this is a great starting point. While this is not a comprehensive list of learning methods, these tips will help you learn Italian.


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Banner photo by Daniel Fazio on Unsplash

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