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Italians Considered Friendliest Europeans by Tourists 🇮🇹

Have you ever wondered who the most welcoming Eurpoeans are? Well, according to Daily Mail, tourists who've visited numerous countries revealed how they were treated in each of them!

Travels went on an online forum called Quora and expressed how they felt about the residents of a variety of countries.

According to Daily Mail,  Kris Caluwaerts explained that Russians do not smile often. He wrote on Quora, “When I wanted to ask directions my first impression was that nobody was willing to help me. When I tried to make contact nobody smiled and looked really helpful or approachable. Only later I learned that in Russia smiling at strangers can be interpreted as making fun of them. When I stopped looking for someone approachable and just asked directions to anybody, then I noticed they were all equally willing to help just like in any other country. They just don’t smile at strangers.”

Photo by Nikita Lebedev on Unsplash

Akshat Vaidya visited Argentina and stated, “People were rude everywhere I went – north, south, rural, urban, even national parks and remote areas like Torres Del Paine or Patagonia. It was kind of absurd.”

Photo from Unsplash

Baker, a vistor of Greece explained ” ‘The Greeks I ran across in the tourist areas weren’t friendly, but I think their jobs contributed to their abruptness (plus, it was during the garbage and public transportation strike”.

Photo by Aris Sfakianakis on Unsplash

Torstein Utne visited Latvia and explained, “It seemed to me that anywhere I went there were some people trying to scam me, or offer sexual services.”

However, residents of Italy, Iceland, and Canada were praised over and over again for being exceptionally friendly! For example, Stephen Taylor stated, “Toronto, Ontario, is by far the happiest and friendliest large city I think I’ve ever visited. Even folks working in what I would call pretty abysmal jobs, like at the Tim Horton’s at Toronto airport, seemed to be pretty even-tempered and happy.”

Photo by Patrick Carr on Unsplash

Gina Hiatt explained, ‘Without a doubt, the Italians are the friendliest. I’ve been there both before and after I learned Italian, and it’s almost unreal. We went into a restaurant in Rome once, and I found out that many of the patrons went there every Sunday night. By the time we left, they had all begged us to come and have dinner with them the next Sunday.”

Photo by Jonathan Bean on Unsplash



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