Italy Fears Another COVID Outbreak

Weekend crowds have some fearing renewed quarantine measures.

On May 4th, after months of quarantine, Italy lifted many of the country’s restrictions allowing people to return to work and public spaces. 

However, this past weekend where gorgeous weather was too enticing for many Italians to ignore. Crowds of people gathered on beaches, in bars and restaurants, even night clubs. 

Many politicians are concerned that the lack of social distancing will lead to another spike in COVID cases thus requiring another round of quarantine. 

Italy’s minister of regional affairs, Francesco Boccia, stated in one interview, “We aren’t surprised by what happened this weekend, but although it is understandable and human after two months to get out of [the house], we must not forget that we are still inside [ a pandemic], and thus those who feed the nightlife are betraying the sacrifices made by millions of Italians.”

Travel to the country is still restricted but there are plans to allow tourists back sometime in June. No official date has been given as of yet. 

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