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Italy’s Frecce Tricolori Jets Set to Go on Nationwide Tour

Today marks the start of Italy's Frecce Tricolori fighter jets nationwide tour in celebraions of the 74th anniversary of Italy's proclamation as a republic (Festa della Repubblica) on June 2.

The tour began yesterday (May 25) in Milan, Turin, Trento, Aosta, and Trento and will continue to fly over many other regions around Italy with finishing the aerobatic display on June 2 in the centre of Rome.

This tour is to not only celebrate the Festa della Repubblica, but it will also have the purpose of being a symbolic embrace to all Italian regions during the COVID-19 emergency as a sign of unity, solidarity and recovery.

The jets will fly over Genova, Florence, Perugia and L’Aquila today, Cagliari and Palermo tomorrow, Catanzaro, Bari, Potenza, Naples and Campobasso on May 28, Loreto, Ancona, Bologna, Venice and Trieste on May 29, then fly over Rome on June 2.


Main Photo by Pixabay

Video by Corriere della Sera

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