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Italian Bakery Defends Itself Against Cleveland Looters 🇮🇹

Corbo's Bakery in Cleveland, Ohio armed itself to defend against looters during riots on Saturday.

When a peaceful protest on Saturday turned violent, one Italian bakery took matters into their own hands. Corbo’s Bakery owners in Cleveland’s Playhouse Square neighborhood stand in front of their storefront to defend against looters.  

Demonstrations took place all over the country this week to protest the death of unarmed George Floyd by Minneapolis Police officers. Small business owners still reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic feared further destruction to their businesses when protests turned violent. Looters began ransacking businesses Saturday night. 


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  1. Store owners must look at European stores, they have metal doors just like garages, just look at them. There is no chance of looting thus eliminating this mess in USA

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